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Air AmbulanceFalcon 7X, Challenger 604 & 650

Our air ambulances carry patients on 1-2 stretchers and 1 sofa. Additionally, we have seats for up to 6 escorts. Medical crew onboard and an isolation unit available, if needed.

Our fleet of jets for ambulance flights includes ultra-long-range Falcon 7X with single stretcher capacity and two Challenger 600-series airplanes with full double stretcher options, which are capable of single or multiple intensive care patient transports and can include an extended medical crew if requested. Additionally, the aircraft facilities enable a resting place for a third patient. The aircraft can be equipped with an intensive care unit.

Additionally, we can arrange ground or helicopter transport. Jetflite is experienced in flying to high-risk areas and war zones. Our air ambulances can be equipped with an isolation unit to carry patients with suspected infections or immunological diseases.

An isolation unit can be placed into Jetflites air ambulance aircraft. These units are used to isolate patients who pose a risk of passing a potentially harmful infection on to others, such as influenza, ebola, or a virus like Covid-19.

Jetflite and our medical partner, EMA Group, have been awarded the EURAMI Full Accreditation, “Special Care”. The Full Accreditation Special Care means that, in addition to substantial compliance, the service demonstrates proven capabilities in air transports of special high-risk patients (e. g. IABP, ARDS, neonates, NOventilation etc.), providing continued high-level care.


Intercontinental range

Up to 11 000 km

Maximum cruising altitude

51 000 ft

Normal cruising speed

850 km/h



1 or 2 strechers + 1 sofa

Medical crew

Specialized Doctor & Nurse. Heavy crew if needed

Flight crew

2 pilots. Heavy crew 3 or 4 if requested

Escort seats

Up to 6, subject to patient comfort

Cabin size

Height 1,85m, width 2,49m, length 8,66m

Jetflite´s ambulance flight services

Emergencies call for quick action.