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Airplane Handling

Fixed base operations (FBO), essential ground services

What is an FBO?

By definition, a fixed-base operator (FBO) is a company that’s permitted to operate at the airport and provide aviation services there. Services such as fueling, hangaring, parking, aircraft charter & maintenance, and similar services.FBOs provide these services for private aircraft and charter companies. If you are a private jet owner, you understand the importance of a trustworthy fixed-base operator. FBO provides all the essential ground services that both you and your crew rely on when flying.

An FBO can provide a wide variety of services that focus on aircraft maintenance. There are also services related to the comfort and wellbeing of the flight crew and passengers. Here are some of the most common services to be expected from an FBO:

  • GPU
  • lavatory service
  • potable water
  • catering
  • transportation
  • hotel arrangements

A good FBO, a great FBO - what is the difference?

Most FBOs offer similar basic level services that are adequate for basic needs. All FBO providers also claim to provide great customer service, and probably most of them kind of do. But what makes a great fixed base service operator that keeps you coming back, time and time again? Different factors can make an FBO a great FBO.

Service-level and service-mindedness is one for sure. It’s one thing to accommodate basic requests promptly, but it’s a whole nother ball game to go “all-out” for your customers and their needs. The distinguishing factor is that one’s great is another’s normal. Look for an FBO service that in their communications (and first and foremost actions), always prioritize client experience and showcase the willingness to serve even when it’s something a bit out of the scope. A great service takes care of all parties involved, the customer, the flight crew, and the aircraft.

Another factor that can distinguish a great FBO is the variety of services. On top of the basic services, does your FBO offer anything extra? Possibility for additional services for customers and flight crew? Those luxury services provide ultimate comfort to passengers and the flight crew, beyond what public commercial airports offer.

Jetflite FBO services

Jetflite has launched its FBO operations in 2021 and provides ground handling services to all visiting aircraft at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and also in Kittilä Airport. Jetflite FBO provides all basic level services to expect like GPU, lavatory service, potable water, catering, transportation, and hotel arrangements. But on top of the basics, Jetflite can offer much more.

Additional services can include connecting helicopter/ transportation services from and to the airport or cost-efficient hotel accommodation through our partners. We also have our own logistics department to help customers with demanding special cargo operations like spare part issues etc. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Jetflite is a pioneer in sustainable charter aviation. We are proud to provide SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) to all Jetflite FBOs customers. With our partner company Neste Aviation, we have exclusive rights to supply SAF from our dedicated supply.

There is no written service catalog for all our additional services because our client’s individual needs and requests define our service package. Pretty much anything needed by the flight crew or passengers is within possibilities. We will always run the extra mile and pull out all the stops to fulfill client requests. On top of all this, we know that it can be challenging to arrange flights to smaller airports because of limited opening hours and a lack of contact information. Jetflite FBO is happy to provide support and supervision services for flights to small airports in the Finnish region. To sum it up, we can offer you:

  • Personal contact
  • 24/7/365 AOG assistance
  • Above and beyond FBO service range to meet your needs
  • Top-notch logistics services
  • Aircraft management services
  • Transparent documentation & invoicing
  • SAF fuel
  • Individual service & special requests fulfilled

Air traveling requires many services before, during, and after your flight. A great FBO makes your air travel as easy as it gets. A single point of contact in the service for you. Capable of solving your needs, from the most technical, to those extra luxury services that seek to fulfill your maximum travel comfort.

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