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Jetflite provides private jet charters for businesses, sports teams, and private people, usually for groups under 18 passengers. Our customers appreciate punctuality, privacy, discretion, and safety. Let’s go through how we set the price for all of this.

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How is the price of a private jet charter calculated?

The private jet charter price consists of the following:

  • Flight Itinerary (Where, when, and distance)
  • Aircraft (type, category, age) and flight time
  • Crew (needed staffing, possible overnight stays)
  • Misc fees (landing, handling, deicing, catering, ground transportation, cleaning, overflight permits, customs, immigration, etc.)
  • Extra services (special in-flight arrangements, entertainment, event tickets, accommodation, etc.)
  • Taxes

The flight itinerary is the most relevant factor when calculating the price for the charter flight. The longer you are going, the bigger the kerosene consumption and the hours for the crew. We aim to create circumstances where routes and airports are the most affordable for the time, but we never compromise at the expense of a destination or customer’s wishes and needs.

Using a bigger plane commonly costs more, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a group trip is more expensive than a flight for 2 or 4.

Jetflite’s newest additions to the private jet charter fleet arrived in 2020. Every Jetflite jet differs from each other in its operations, and we are committed to keeping Wihuri Green in mind with our fleet, now and tomorrow. For Jetflite’s modern fleet consultation, don’t hesitate to ask our sales team.

The third part comes from different fees related to the safety (deicing), airport use (landing permits, ground transportation, and taxes), and amenities you want to include in the service.

Our responsibility is to guarantee the price without hidden costs

Jetflite, during its four decades, has had the same mission, where our customers and their experiences are at the center; we want our customers to be proud to be our customers. You can rely on us to provide you with the experience of transparency. Ambiguity and unjustified pricing just are not part of Jetflite.

We at Jetflite are exceptionally dedicated to serving perfect aviation, which means we want you to have a service better than you can imagine. We achieve it with our over 60 in-house professionals at your service 24/7.

Jetflite can handle more versatile customers and situations as a part of Wihuri Aviation. The cooperation ensures we can arrange your trip with our people and gear, with our strengths.

Fly private with Jetflite

Use our expertise and contact us anytime. We will help you to create a journey that fills your wants and dreams. Whether you need assistance with an emergency, a VIP journey or want to travel with your friends or family to have a perfect holiday – Jetflite will find you the way to get when and where ever you need to go.

By giving us your destination and travel dates, or simply the initial idea of the travel, you can start to plan your next flight together with our sales. We do have some ideas for you: Unique Experiences with Jetflite