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Aircraft management

Owning a business jet represents not just an investment in personal freedom, but also in mastering your time. Jetflite has been managing third-party-owned aircraft for decades, so we understand what is essential to our clients. As owners of corporate jets ourselves, we bring a broader perspective to our vision of aircraft management. Over the years, we have built our company to satisfy complex customer needs and offer the perfect customer experience.

Jetflite offers a full-service aircraft management package that includes:

  • Support in aircraft acquisition or selling
  • Financial advice for accounting and operating your aircraft
  • Administrating licensing requirements
  • Insurance organizing
  • Crew training and operations
  • Airworthiness and maintenance in-house management
  • In-flight services, catering, and cleaning
  • Flight operations planning, permissions, and slots
  • Aircraft charter if requested by the owner

Excellence in all we do

We are committed to providing excellence for our clients in every aspect. Our three cornerstones of excellence are:

❖ Operational excellence

❖ Service excellence

❖ Safety & Security excellence

For our customers, this means our operations, service, and safety standards are developed to offer the best in the industry. In everything we do. The challenge to our team is to provide you with precisely what you ask for – before you ask for it.

Operational excellence

Every detail in Jetflite’s operations aims for excellence. We are committed to continuous operational improvement and always welcome outside assessors to inspect and audit our operations.

The highest standards set the bar

We are proud to say that we have IS-BAO Stage 3 certification. It is the highest level in a long-term performance-based assessment, specifically recognizing compliance with the highest IS-BAO standards and practices following an in-depth audit and rating of the Safety Management System (SMS).

IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) is designed to promote the use of high-quality operating practices. Similar to an ISO-9000 standard of practice, IS-BAO is specifically formulated for business aviation and accepted worldwide as the benchmark for high standards in business aircraft operations. Jetflite Operational Standards & Qualifications.

Experienced & Specialized aircraft management

Jetflite has been managing aircraft for over 20 years for several aircraft owners. Over the years, we have built our company to satisfy complex customer needs, quickly adjust to schedule and route changes, and provide the perfect customer experience.

We specialize in aircraft management for mid-size, heavy, and ultra-long-range privately-owned aircraft. Aircraft owners benefit from resources and systems, volume discounts, and the special expertise we can offer as part of a large group of companies. Our objective is to keep our managed fleet within a reasonable size to achieve the best quality in operations and to remain entirely consistent in our level of service.

Service Excellence

We are known for going above and beyond for our clients. Transparency, trustworthiness, and exceptional service quality are principles on which we build our service excellence on. Jetflite offers exquisite service and personal attention to fulfill even the most demanding customer requirements.

More than a service – a relationship

Our 24 / 7 service availability ensures we’re here for our clients, at all times. Our in-house professionals, pilots, and mechanics make certain that our aircraft is always ready to go, day or night. We also have our crew coordinator to handle any crew issues, safety and quality staff, HR, and accounting – it is all done in-house to guarantee a smooth customer experience. We take great pride in being able to react faster than anyone else.

Aircraft management with personalized service

Jetflite has the soul of a boutique aircraft management company. We maintain a small operation with a highly specialized fleet, which ensures that each aircraft owner receives plenty of individual attention and customer care. We understand that each aircraft owner is different, therefore we offer specific turn-key solutions to meet every individual requirement. Jetflite will not grow its fleet unless we are sure that we have time to take care of each customer according to our service excellence standards.

Safety & Security Excellence

Our capabilities and experience, high standards, financial stability, and the overall way of operating, all build towards peace of mind. Our customers can feel safe & secure, knowing that their matters are always attended to with diligence and care.

1) Financial stability

We conduct our business ethically, openly, and with mutual trust. Transparency is a key feature of Jetflite Aircraft Management. We are very open about our fee structure and our business is built on the broad financial shoulders of the Wihuri group.

2) Competence-based security

We are serious about safety and security. Our flight and technical personnel are trained systematically and we maintain a very high level of competence within our personnel. All of Jetflite’s certified technicians are trained by the aircraft manufacturers’ most experienced instructors. We also take pride in being a well-qualified and certified operator. You can read more about our qualifications.

3) High safety standards

Our aviation safety management system (SMS) program provides a systematic approach to managing safety and mitigating any risks to an acceptable level.

4) The Jetflite way

The Jetflite way of doing things offers security and privacy for our clients. We function transparent yet discreetly and always with a safety-first attitude. Our CAMO and P145 as well as our dispatchers and customer service operate 24 / 7. We have our own in-house professionals for customer-facing positions to ensure service availability and a smooth customer experience.

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