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Jetflite Air Ambulance

What is an Air Ambulance?

Air ambulances are basically aircraft that are configured to function as mobile hospitals. They can be equipped with all necessary medical devices, such as monitors, stretchers, personal protective equipment, and an isolation unit if needed. A highly-trained medical team is on board to monitor the patients and keep them stable and comfortable during transportation. The aircraft can also be equipped with an intensive care unit (ICU).

When is an air ambulance needed?

When you need to relocate patients over long distances or transfer them out of remote areas, an air ambulance is often the only practicable option. The situations vary when an air ambulance might be required. Trauma or disaster victims need to be transferred to a hospital to receive treatment or transplant patients need a transfer to access operation. A common case is travelers/tourists who either get sick during travel or get injured and need to be transferred back home to receive treatment. The current pandemic situation with Covid-19 has increased the demand for medical evacuation/air ambulance services.

What ensures high-quality air ambulance charter services?

The European Aero-Medical Institute (EURAMI) awards accreditation to aeromedical transport companies complying with the EURAMI standards. EURAMI providers stand for high quality, safety, and excellence in aviation medicine. Jetflite and our medical partner, EMA Group, have been awarded the EURAMI Full Accreditation, “Special Care”. The Full Accreditation Special Care means that, in addition to substantial compliance, the service demonstrates proven capabilities in air transports of special high-risk patients (e. g. IABP, ARDS, neonates, etc.), providing continued high-level care.

Jetflite organizes emergency response aircraft charters globally for NGOs, governments, and humanitarian agencies. In the event of an emergency, when time is of the essence, we deliver on-demand responses for different types of emergencies, including medevac and air ambulance charters.

Jetflite offers emergency response charter flights.

Jetflite offers emergency response charter services worldwide at short notice during accidents or natural disasters. Air ambulance aircraft can take off within 2-4 hours of the go-ahead order. Such emergency response charter flights can be, for example, evacuation flights due to local unrest or medical repatriation with accredited private jets with a comprehensive medical team onboard.

During a natural disaster or during this pandemic situation we are facing currently, Jetflite is a very agile and flexible operator for emergency response flights. We have two fully equipped, EURAMI-accredited ambulance business jets, with a full aeromedical team on standby 24/7. We can service adult critical care, pediatric critical care, neonatal critical care, trauma critical care, and ECMO and Isolation Unit transportations.

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