Jetflite is operating charter and medical evacuation flights during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Customer FAQ

Customer FAQ

What should I consider while packing my luggage?

Dangerous substances cannot be transported on passenger flights. If you intend to carry something unusual or questionable, please check with our sales before boarding.

Let us know in advance if there will be guns on board. Weapons must be stored in the cargo space, and they are not accessible during the flight. Passengers are responsible for obtaining the relevant gun permits themselves. Cargo space is limited. If you plan on carrying unusually large items, such as skis, golf bags etc., please inform our sales team in advance.

Why does Jetflite need my personal data?

Due to EASA legislation, Jetflite as an operator must know who is travelling on board our flights. Therefore, we are required to ask for the names and identification of passengers, and in cases of last minute changes, our flight crew may need to verify that information. All passenger personal information is protected, and it is not revealed to third parties.

Please note that you can give our sales team the name and contact details of a person to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

How much luggage can I carry?

As a rule, one suitcase per passenger and few extra items, such as skis or golf bags, easily fit in all our planes. However, if you know that passengers will be carrying multiple pieces of luggage, golf bags, skis, prams or other large items, please tell us in advance. This way, we can avoid surprises and delays during your trip.

Can I travel with pets?

Sure! Pets are always welcome on board. Jetflite follows aviation requirements, which means pets weighing less than 70 kilograms can travel with you in the cabin or be placed in a pet carrier. Pets over 70 kilograms can sit on the floor with a leash hooked up to the seat belt. We will provide your pet with treats and toys and a comfy blanket to sleep on during the flight in the main cabin with you.

Please be sure to always inform Jetflite Sales about any accompanying pets in advance, and make sure that all pet transport documents and required vaccinations are valid according the requirements of the local authorities of each destination.

Can I influence catering on board?

Yes, we take all of your dietary needs and wishes into account. We are proud of our excellent Scandinavian cuisine offered on board and we’ll not leave you hungry. Please let us know of any special requests in advance. If you are coming from or going to a dinner, please tell us that as well – this way, we can focus our efforts on tempting appetizers or delicious desserts.

As a standard, we do not serve any kinds of nuts on board because of the severe allergic reactions they may cause. If you wish to have them and can make sure that no one on your team has nut allergies, let us know.

Where do you fly?

Our operating area covers the entire world except a few remote Pacific areas. Because of our top-of-the-line modern avionics and versatile crew training, we can fly to many destinations not accessible by all business jets, for example, Antarctica.

Can I use WIFI and my GSM on board?

At the moment, the only charter aircraft with in-flight WIFI and GSM connection is our Falcon 7X (OH-WIX). Please note that the cost of GSM calls is that of your operator’s normal roaming fee, which will appear in your regular telephone invoice. The price can be found on your operator’s price list. Also note that this aircraft is a bit like a foreign country; mobile phones may update data even if not actively in use. To avoid unnecessary roaming costs, we recommend that you turn off mobile data or the roaming option when on board if you do not want to use your mobile data connections.

Are all costs included in your quotation?

All costs are included except the following:

  • If your flight schedule is such that the destination airport is not open and we need to pay to open it, we will need to charge the cost. We will inform you of any such cost in advance.
  • If your flight schedule is such that we have to move the aircraft away from the destination airport for parking, we will need to charge the cost. We will inform you of any such cost in advance.
  • If you order access yourself to a VIP lounge at a destination airport, you assume any additional charge.
  • In wintertime, de-icing is charged for separately if it is needed at destination airports.

Does the flight price include ground transportation/taxi in the destination?

Not unless you ask for it separately. We will take care of you until you are safely at the destination airport. Upon request, our team can also arrange ground transport to your final destination, as well as other services during your trip. Do not hesitate to ask.

What do I need to do before the flight?

Make sure that all your travel documents and permits are in order.

Inform us about your catering preferences and/or allergies.

Let us know if you intend to carry large pieces of luggage or something unusual.

Be at the terminal at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Taking off earlier or later than the scheduled departure time may require a new time slot, which is not always readily available at busier airports.

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