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Challenger 650, OH-WIW12 or 16 passengers configuration

Our newest jet accommodates 12 to 16 passengers and has up to 5 beds. The world-class flight will make your trip truly memorable.

Having been manufactured in 2020, this jet is a newcomer to Jetflite’s fleet. Bombardier’s best-selling large aircraft platform combines world-class interior design with the ultimate value proposition. Widest-in-class cabin, worldwide reach, and the lowest direct operating costs make the Challenger 650 aircraft the winning choice.

When looking for a modern and premium travel experience for larger groups of up to 16 travelers, OH-WIW is the ideal choice. While operating efficiently within Europe, there is no challenge to go intercontinental either!

Intentional elegance

From the signature metal trim to the smart foldout tables, every aspect of the cabin has been carefully designed for an unrivaled private jet experience. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, the Challenger 650 aircraft delivers on its promise of class-leading comfort.

Smooth ride: the Challenger 650’s wing was designed to provide you with a restful flight experience.

Bombardier Aviation and Jetflite revealed in a press release in May 2020 the details of how a freshly delivered Challenger 650 business jet was immediately put to service to relocate dozens of patients impacted by COVID-19 as airports and borders around the globe shut down.
The aircraft completed its first 100 hours of flight in only two weeks after it was delivered. On its longest tour, the Challenger 650 flew to 10 countries across three continents in just five days.


Intercontinental range

Up to 4000NM (7400 km)

Maximum cruising altitude

41000ft (12500m)

Normal cruising speed

Mach .80 (855 km/h)


Seating Configuration

12 / 16 passengers

Bed capacity

up to 5 beds

Cabin size

Extended cabin, cabin is 2.41m wide, 1.83m tall, 7.8m long


2/3 Pilots and 1 Flight Attendant (heavy crew on request)

Baggage space

92ft3 / 2,61m3, max weight 900lbs/408 kg

Challenger 650, OH-WIW

We have just the size and type of aircraft to meet your needs.