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Falcon 7X, OH-WIXPrivate jet with long range

Our spacious business jet accommodates 16 passengers. Up to 6 beds are available. Enjoy the on-board service and fly with style!

The Falcon 7X is technologically the most advanced business jet in the world today. It is designed to fly over 11 000 km, faster and with less fuel than other jets in its class.

As an ultra-long-haul aircraft, it is ideally suited for flights between continents or when our customers wish for the highest quality onboard product.

The double cabin is quiet, light, and spacious. The comfortable sofas in the aft cabin can be turned into double beds.

Facilities on board

Flight attendant, hot meals, full drink bar, satellite telephone, Video/Audio Air Show, two lavatories, adjustable seats, double cabin separated by a curtain.


Intercontinental range

Up to 11 019 km (5950 nm)

Max Cruising Altitude

51000 ft (15,5 km)

Normal cruising speed

850 km/h-950 km/h (460 kts-515 kts)


Seating Configuration

16 passengers

Cabin size

Height 1,88m, width 2,34m, length 11,91 m

Bed capacity

Up to 6 beds. (See brochure below.)


2/3 Pilots and 1 Flight Attendant (heavy crew on request)

Baggage space

Pressurized, vol. 4 (140 cu.ft)

Experience our flagship interior, the Falcon 7X

We have just the size and type of aircraft to meet your needs.