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Wihuri Aviation

Wihuri Aviation – We Say Yes to Challenges That Seem Impossible for Many.

When familiar routes don’t work as they used to, you need agile operators who can rise to the challenge. Wihuri Aviation is ready to meet the needs of a changing world.

Wihuri Aviation is part of an international conglomerate, Wihuri Group. During its 120 years, Wihuri has grown from a small family business into a diversified global enterprise. Wihuri’s business unit Wihuri Aviation consists of Jetflite, Euroflite, and JetLogistics. They provide tailored global charter, cargo, and forwarding services, with employees currently based in Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.

Agility Is the Common Denominator of Wihuri Aviation’s Businesses

Global mobility is facing a new era. The COVID-19 pandemic and its spill-over effects have reshaped the logistics industry. In many places, transporting both people and goods is more challenging than before.

Jetflite, Euroflite and JetLogistics are problem solvers in the transport sector. Flexibility and adaptability are required when conditions, destinations, or schedules are particularly difficult. Wihuri Aviation is at its best when you need to find the best solution to a given transport problem quickly.

We transport almost anything, anywhere. Unusual cargo, dangerous goods, or passenger transport requiring special arrangements. We’re at our best for anything that doesn’t go easily through the usual channels and routes.” Elina Karjalainen, Managing Director

Change Is a Part of Everyday Life

In the early days of the recent pandemic, Jetflite’s business aviation operations were transformed overnight into a global ambulance service. It was challenging to operate flights, and planning flight routes was laborious due to restrictions.

JetLogistics solves problems on a daily basis in situations where there is an undersupply of available transport capacity. Goods are transported by land, sea, and air. Recently, the focus has been on special project cargo for crisis areas.

Through its network of partners, Euroflite arranges flights for larger groups anywhere in the world. Clients include sports teams, companies, and communities.

This is a period of disruption in a world that is difficult to predict. In a complex and changing environment, we need agile players who are prepared for change and who say yes to challenges, even when they seem difficult.

Wihuri Aviation – Nordic Expertise

We are at our best when circumstances, schedules, or destinations are challenging.

The oldest and one of the largest providers of charter flights in the Nordic countries.

An air broker that arranges tailor-made flights for groups of different sizes.

Forwarding all types of freight by land, sea, and air. Special expertise in challenging and time-critical freight projects.