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Jetflite Air Ambulance

Air ambulance service during the Covid-19 outbreak

In these times where several restrictions have been enforced on air traffic we would like to announce air ambulance and charter flight are still in operation. The EMA medical team and JETFLITE air ambulance are well equipped and prepared to take on ambulance missions worldwide.

General Restrictions

EMA and Jetflite is strictly committed to respect all requirements of all authorities. Jetflite respects official quarantine zones and will not fly there. This is not to be confused with areas where people are just advised by their government to stay home. We are also committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our crews. While a lot of countries do no longer allow foreign nationals into their country and have closed their borders, we can still operate air ambulance services.

COVID – 19 testing

Our EMA medical team is equipped to make instant testing for COVID -19 infection on site or onboard. Some countries require a negative test, and this policy is likely to become more common. We recommend that you will ask the treating hospital for a COVID-19 test prior to transportation to avoid any delays and complications.

Implemented measures

EMA and Jetflite are taking action to ensure patient and crew safety:

  1. We decontaminate each aircraft after each mission with sterilization wipes and disinfect the interior with our Nocospray 2 device.
  2. In all operations we have the possibility to use an isolation unit and have the possibility to isolate 1 patient per fight.
  3. Flight and medical crew have been instructed to test themselves and to report any symptoms immediately
  4. Crew on active missions minimize contact with other medical personnel or ground handling agents

Business Continuity

EMA and Jetlfite does not anticipate any business disruption due to COVID-19.

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